Stop Cat Peeing in House

What could be the reason that your cat is peeing in your house?

What can you do to stop it?


What could be causing your cat to forget about the litter box or your garden?

The are several possibilities that can cause it and they are definitely not the same



1)      Medical Origin

Source of the problem;

 The problem of your cat could have a medical background.

There could be metabolic diseases or an infection.


Solving the problem;

Go to your veterinary and let him, or her, give your cat a thorough check up.



2) Filthy Litter Box

Source of the problem;


Cats are extremely clean creatures. If the litter box is smelly or just filthy they WILL NOT going to use it.


Solving the problem;


Clean the litter more often. I suggest at least twice a day and a full wash and sterilization once a week



3)      Change of Family Members


Source of the problem;

If there is a new family member, like a baby, dog, cat, bird or similar, it can cause the cat to get jealousy an anxiety.


Solving the problem;

 If that is the case you have to make sure that your cat, or cats, get enough love and attention.
Also you have to learn your cat to accept the new family member.


4)      Your cat has not been neutered.

Source of the problem;

Your cat has not been neutered yet.  The instincts of your, especially when it is a male, can be triggered by a lot of reasons; the season, temperature, another cat next door etc.



Solving the problem;

Go to the veterinary and let it be helped as soon as possible.



A step-by-step Guide if your cat is peeing in house;

These problems have been occurred, and will occur, at a lot of cat owners.
If your cat looks sick and has signs of stress, the problem can be solved if you follow your step-by-step guide.

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